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Examiner Education: Cybersecurity Seminar and Analysis School

Examiner Education: Cybersecurity Seminar and Analysis School

Examiners from the Oklahoma Banking Department, including Ken Fisher, Doyle Jones, Michael Kellum, Carter Mathews, Mike Truitt, and Morris Wilson, attended the OBA’s 2017 Cybersecurity Seminar. The seminar provided education on evolving cybersecurity threats and what each institution should do to prevent, detect, and respond to these threats.

Cybersecurity remains a significant challenge to community banks and their customers. This current issue is a high priority with regulators as we assess the potential impact of this vital area.

The speaker provided in-depth information regarding audit and examination requirements for Information Technology reviews and examinations as well as best practices for Information Security. This seminar was an excellent source of information for bankers and regulators alike for an extremely important aspect of the banking industry. There were 75 attendees from across the State of Oklahoma and one from Arkansas.

Richardson Completes FDIC Financial Institution Analysis School

Examiner Chance Richardson recently completed the Financial Institution Analysis School sponsored by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and taught by an experienced group of FDIC examiners from around the country. The attendees were primarily from state banking departments as well as a small group of FDIC examiners.

The two-week school is a core training curriculum designed to help develop the ability to analyze the financial condition of institutions and to present conclusions in an appropriate manner. The course primarily focuses on UBPR analysis and the interrelationships between the CAMELS components.

The comment writing portion was conducted by English professors from nearby universities. The successful completion of this school demonstrates the skills and experience necessary to attain the credential, Certified Operations Examiner.

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