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OSBD News: CSBS Deputy and Legal Conferences

OSBD News: CSBS Deputy and Legal Conferences

Volume 10 Number 08 August 21, 2018

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2018 CSBS Deputy Conference

CSBS Deputy and Legal Conferences

written by Dudley Gilbert

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors hosted

conferences for Banking Department Deputy Commissioners and Legal Counsel

during the week of July 16 – 20 in Denver, Colorado. More than 100 deputies and attorneys from 30

states attended one or both conferences during the full week of

presentations. Attending on behalf of

the Oklahoma Banking Department were Deputy Commissioner Dudley Gilbert and

Assistant Deputies Wayne Arbuthnot and Jeff Bagby.

The deputy commissioners focused their time on

discussions relating to the implementation of CECL standards, IT supervision,

and the questions and issues related to providing banking services to business

connected to the marijuana industry. The

deputies also heard from senior officials from the Washington, DC, offices of

the FDIC and the Federal Reserve. In

contrast to more recent years’ conferences, the meeting also included specific

discussions relating to the uptick in de

novo bank charter applications and the general expectations relating to

capital and pro forma business plans needed to support those applications.

CSBS scheduled the Legal Seminar to overlap with

the final day of the Deputy Seminar. During the overlapping session, the deputy

commissioners and attorneys discussed recent regulatory and legislative

changes. This conversation focused

primarily on the various changes made by the Economic Growth, Regulatory

Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (i.e.,

S. 2155) signed by President Trump on May 24, 2018. Many of the provisions of that law were

effective immediately while others will need implementing regulatory

action. After the Deputy Seminar ended,

the attorneys spent the remainder of the week focused on current legal issues

relating to fintech, relationships between FDIC insured institutions and

non-depository lenders, blockchain developments, electronic payment systems,

and legalization of marijuana products.

pictured above: Assistant Deputy Commissioner Wayne Arbuthnot, Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jeff Bagby, Deputy Commissioner Dudley Gilbert

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