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OSBD News: MOKAN Trust Conference and Seiling State Bank Celebrates 100th

OSBD News: MOKAN Trust Conference and Seiling State Bank Celebrates 100th

Volume 10 Number 03                                                                              June 6, 2018

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2018 MOKAN Trust Conference Attendees

OSBD Personnel Attend MOKAN Trust Conference

written by Wayne Arbuthnot

State Banking Department Regional Examiner Rick Nelson, Senior

Examiner Daryl Jones and Assistant Deputy Commissioner Wayne Arbuthnot were amongst the 300 individuals who attended the 2018 MOKAN Trust Conference in Overland Park, Kansas.  Attendees

included trust officers and operational staff, attorneys, financial planners

and both state and national regulators.  Nationally renowned speakers presented on an array of important topics including regulatory

updates, trust liability issues, the economy, the new tax law, and financial

management.  This conference was very informative

and educational to all who attended.

pictured above: Wayne Arbuthnot, Daryl Jones, and Rick Nelson

Seiling State Bank Celebration

Seiling State Bank Celebrates 100 Years

Seiing State Bank celebrated its 100th Anniversary on May 16, 2018. From the bank's website:

"Farmers & Merchants Bank in Seiling was issued a charter on November 15, 1901.  In April 1907, the bank changed its name to the First National Bank.  W. L. Pittman purchased controlling interest in Seiling State Bank on May 16, 1918.  On April 16, 1934, W.L. Pittman purchased all the stock in the First National Bank and merged with the Seiling State Bank.  The First National Bank name and charter was retained and the state charter was turned in for cancellation.  W.L. Pittman was Chairman of the Board until he died in 1967 at the age of 92.  His son, W. H. Pittman, became President in 1962 and later was Chairman of the Board until he died in 1999.  Kitty Pittman was Chairman of the Board until June 2009 when she became Chairman Emeritus.  The third generation bankers are Jim Pittman, Chairman and Bill Pittman, Jr. Bill Jr. retired from his position as Executive Vice President in 2012, but remains a member of the Board of Directors.  Jim's two sons are also officers of the bank, Kirk Pittman, President and CEO and David Pittman, Vice President.  For four generations, the Pittman family has maintained the bank's safety and security in the competitive community banking industry."

pictured above: State Representative Mike Sanders, Jim Pittman, Bank Commissioner Mick Thompson, and Kirk Pittman.

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