OSBD News: Winter 2018 Training Review

OSBD News: Winter 2018 Training Review

Volume 10 Number 01                                                                        April 24, 2018

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2018 NASCUS National Meeting Attendees

NASCUS State Credit Union Regulators National Meeting

written by Chuck Harryman

The annual, regulators-only NASCUS State Credit Union

Regulators National Meeting brought state credit union regulators from across

the country together for a two-day, intensive program that took a long look at the

issues, topics and trends resonating through the state credit union regulatory

environment today, with an eye toward the year ahead.

pictured above: Senior Examiner Randy Willard, Executive Secretary Debbie Moore, Director of Examinations Paul Qualls, and Examiner Chuck Harryman

Wilson Attends CSBS Technology and Cybersecurity Training

written by Ashley Wilson

Senior Examiner Ashley Wilson attended the

Conference of State Bank Supervisors Technology and Cybersecurity Essentials for the US Banking Industry course with guest speaker Shawna Flanders of MIS Training Institute.   The

training covered changing US Government and industry regulations,

cybersecurity, network architecture and security, and IT risk controls. 

Discussions centered on incident response, business continuity and disaster

recovery, and third party vendor management.  These discussions reinforced

attendees’ understanding of vulnerabilities and controls that can be

implemented to protect financial institutions from cyber threats and risks. 

Duncan Completes FDIC Asset Liability Management School

written by Clint Duncan

Examiner Clint Duncan recently completed the Asset Liability Management

School sponsored by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and taught

by an experienced group of FDIC examiners from around the country. The attendees

were primarily from state banking departments as well as a small group of FDIC


The two-week school is designed to enhance the examiner’s ability to

analyze, assess and assign ratings for sensitivity to market risk and

liquidity. This school provides comprehensive interest rate risk (IRR) analysis

instruction with emphasis on evaluating IRR models. Additionally, ALMS expands

liquidity analysis instruction beyond ratio analysis with an emphasis on

managing liquidity risk.

Upon completion examiners make preliminary assessments of interest rate risk

(IRR), liquidity risk, basic hedging and investment strategies from off-site

analysis information such as IRRSA, SEC filings, and equity analyst reports.  

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